Firmware Engineer


Job Description

Firmware Engineer

The Firmware Engineer drives the product development process from beginning to end. This role will focus on Single Phase UPS products. The Firmware Engineer will review market requirements documents and create engineer requirement specifications, provide feedback to different function team, design the logic and algorithms code, debug the code, solve the test issue and market issue.


  • Review the market requirement documents, generate engineer requirement specifications.
  • Generate overall software execution plan and design structure.
  • Complete software system and functional module requirements analysis.
  •  Independently complete the programming of the software system or module.
  • Generate the technical documents related to project development.
  • Solve the test issue and market issue


  • Bachelor degree or above, power electronics, automatic control and related majors;
  • Have experience in the development of single-board software and hardware for power electronic products;
  • Familiar with control theory, analog-to-digital electricity; possess good mathematical foundation and abstraction, analysis ability, b research willingness and ability;
  • Have C, C++ programming experience, familiar with the development environment;
  • Able to think and solve problems independently, diligent and conscientious, good at teamwork.
  • Experience in UPS and power module development is preferred

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