Opportunity to work in Digital Content Media Team

FOREO ADRIA d.o.o. (25)

Opportunity to work in Digital Content Media Team

Location: Zagreb, Croatia

You're into breaking molds, poking holes in the stale old analog standards? You can spin a golden media thread, and digital non-space at times seems more real than reality?

Now that’s amazeballs and you may be the one we're looking for.

Our stimulating funky international community is poking around for a new Digital Content Media team member. Teaser alert: What you do will reverberate through 77 countries.

We need someone who can go all “I spy with my little eye” on the best content pieces and advertising opportunities on a smorgasbord of markets, a negotiator and storyteller extraordinaire, an ad content virtuoso not afraid to tear those box walls down, all the while meticulously OCD-ing around tracking data.

We'd be delighted with a year or more of digital marketing experience in an international environment (seriously “Pitbull would make it into a song” international) and being a ninja in English is a must. If you're packing a Bachelor's degree in Communications, Marketing, or Liberal Arts, even better. We need you to be able to quickly zig-zag and think on your feet, thrive in priority management, and not be shy about to-do lists and responsibility.

That’s what you need to sell yourself to us, but let us sell ourselves to you. What we’re offering here is a truly global opportunity, swinging your expertise through 77 countries and 5 continents. You'd be challenged to step up but would also be joining the fastest growing brand in the industry and a skilled seasoned team crisscrossing worldwide mediasphere platforms. You can be creative here and will be encouraged to grow in the direction your internal metronome draws you to.

If we've sparked that place in you hungry for more and new adventures, and you think you might be a perfect match for our company, send your CV in English.

Hope to meet you soon!



 Please note that only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.

All applications will be considered under the terms and conditions of confidentiality in accordance with the regulations of personal data protection.





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