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Bornfight is a very interesting group of young tech believers who are on a mission to turn their motivation and expertise into successful projects for their clients all around the globe.

Our philosophy of progress through determination, doing things that are challenging and sometimes a bit scary, and going down roads that are unknown, has led us to an incredible amount of success throughout the years.

With both big and small projects from numerous different industries and countries, we always try to find something new and exciting that will inspire both us and the client, and keep us all ahead of the game.

Now back to the main topic.




  • You’ll be a part of our development department that has 25 people and consists of backend, mobile and QA teams
  • You’ll focus exclusively on the backend part - develop backends and APIs for our web frontend and mobile projects
  • You’ll mostly work on new projects that have no legacy to hold you back
  • You’ll work with Symfony 4.2+
  • You’ll produce, deploy and optimise code with other team members on a project
  • You’ll participate in the design and architecture phase of projects
  • You’ll define and implement new processes and standards
  • You’ll give your input and actively participate in various brainstormings 
  • You’ll educate others and, if you’re interested in it, lead a team of like-minded people

At the moment, there are 70 people who work together at Bornfight, yet everyone is focused on their part of the picture. In the development team, there are more than 20 tech enthusiasts waiting for their next challenge. That's 20+ amazing minds who can look at a project from countless sides to find the right way to deliver the best results. And if their primary stack of PHP with Symfony and MySQL/MariaDB, coupled with a headless approach and some JavaScript here and there aren't enough to crack the issue, they'll learn a new language, a new concept or use new tools - anything that'll make their job easier and themselves more efficient.


Every company has a need for different types of developers, as well as different seniority of developers. Juniors are here to soak up all the experience on real-life projects, communicate their needs and make an effort with their future career and education. Mid-level devs are solid in their knowledge, can be independent on projects and can focus on the task at hand by using the skills they acquired.

Seniors, however, have a much more challenging piece of focus. They are considered the foundation of knowledge and the overall progress, and they define the mindset of the team.

They are considered the foundation of knowledge and the overall progress, and they define the mindset of the team. They are responsible for defining and implementing processes and new standards, they promote them within their team and to other teams, and they use solutions that are elegant and sustainable. Also, seniors are often responsible for the progress of others and can lead a team of developers who share the same enthusiasm for technology. 

Do we have a lot of junior developers? Yes we do. Do we have a lot of students? Sure we do! Do we also have experienced developers that can lead them and their knowledge in the right direction? We do, but we feel we need more. If you join us, you would be responsible for not only projects and deadlines, but also for shaping and enabling young minds in our team to achieve the goals they set for themselves and some goals you set for them. This is something we see as a big part of being a senior in a team: 

Being a role model and a leader that people want to work with, having a team of your own and using all your experience to step up your own career and the careers of others.

If you found yourself in this description of a senior developer, we would really like to meet you and talk about how we could both benefit from our relationship. :)



  • At least 5 years of work experience in the field of development or relevant knowledge and experience listed below
  • Excellent knowledge of Croatian (C1) and English language (B2), both written and spoken
  • Excellent knowledge of PHP and MariaDB
  • Broad and extensive knowledge of the software development process and its technologies
  • Excellent knowledge and experience of Symfony, or another PHP framework with a similar philosophy
  • Good knowledge of git
  • Good self-organisation & research abilities
  • Good communication skills
  • A team player attitude


  • Experience with creating, defining and documenting development processes
  • Experience with server-side JavaScript
  • Experience with testing your code
  • Experience with code reviews
  • Experience with the git workflow
  • Experience with using and creating APIs
  • Experience with leading a development team
  • Mentoring skills


  • A 13” Macbook Pro and a smartphone of your choice
  • Monthly one-on-one meetings with a team leader and structured biannual meetings about personal development 
  • Parking spaces and secure storage for bikes
  • Access to a variety of industry-related books, magazines and additional reading materials
  • "Time In" counseling sessions with team psychologist about personal motivation, work-life balance, satisfaction & performance (optional & available for all)
  • Ability to modify your daily working hours according to your needs
  • Awesome team buildings, a dog-friendly office, in-office gym, rec room and game room 
  • Lots of internal educations from your colleagues & external educations from industry experts
  • Most likely some new friends

If you need some more info about us, our mindset and the way we operate, you can watch this video.



  • Your CV
  • Your motivational letter (tell us why you want to join us)
  • Links to some great code you created (this one’s optional)
  • Submit your application in Croatian and/or English.



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