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Junior Front-end Engineer

ARS FUTURA d.o.o. (5)

Junior Front-end Engineer

ARS FUTURA d.o.o. (5)

TL:DR; If you’d like to build and explore your career as a Front-end developer, we’ve got just the place on our team!

Ars Futura is a remote-friendly software design and development agency based in Zagreb. At the moment, we have 30-ish laid-back, young, and dedicated people. They are split into multi-disciplinary teams, working on long-term projects of all sizes, for clients based in the United States. Our clients come from various industries and, just to name a few, we’ve worked with MLG, Blizzard, and Harvard.

Our Web team consists of front-end, back-end, and full-stack engineers who are working on various projects built in React, Node.js, and Ruby on Rails.

We’re always proud of what we build and hope you’ll come and build great things with us!

???? Things you have to know

We don’t have a lot of must-haves, but the ones we have, we take seriously. We are looking for someone who has:

  • experience with HTML, CSS, JavaScript
  • an understanding of Git, continuous integration and deployment
  • experience with writing tests
  • excellent knowledge of English
???? Writing & shipping quality code

So, let’s get to the nitty-gritty. As you can guess, we’re looking for someone to help us create great user-facing features. We put a lot of value into writing and shipping clean and maintained code. So, anything you create should be able to scale and adapt.

It would be great if you had experience working with React, modern infrastructure, and tools but we won’t insist on it.

???? Code review

We want to deliver quality products so we’ll expect you to look after your own code. Don’t worry, your coworkers will always be there to help you optimize it, and over time, we’ll count on you to give them some feedback too.

We would love it if you knew how to properly use tools to debug your code.

???? Teamwork

As a Junior Front-end Engineer, you’ll have to work alongside our back-end developers and designers as well as keep in touch with our clients. This is why we’re hoping to find someone with good communication and interpersonal skills. A project is always better if you find a way to work well with others!

  • O nama
  • Bok, mi smo Ars Futura! Agencija smo iz Zagreba koja se bavi kreativnim dizajnom te razvojem web i mobilnih rješenja. Ima nas 30-ak i brzo se širimo, pa smo uvijek u potrazi za novim kolegama. Naši projekti uključuju rad s IoT tehnologijama, razvoj esport lige i online natjecanja za Activision Blizzard, pomoć Belong Gamingu da se proširi na Američko tržište, CRM rješenje za Harvard i brojne druge. Ekipa u Ars Futuri je mlada, dinamična, zabavna i opuštena. Slobodno vrijeme provodimo u prirodi, u teretani ili na moru. Volimo dane kad sunce sja, tortu od mrkve, loše šale i pretjerano korištenje emojija.
  • Osnovano 2013
  • Sjedište Savska cesta 106

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